Art of Communication


Date: July 4th, 2016

Yeaa, some thoughts on technology and the first attempt at a quick blog, ... on a Monday morning.

"To understand technology, to control it, one has to first learn it, then apply it." Take for example the Internet. The world wide web is filled with great knowledge, great wealth, great data and great opportunities. Today we have access from virtually anywhere through our mobile device. Today's websites are more then flashy and smart, they take care of your transactions, adapt to you as the user, exchange data, communicate with others through scrtipts or applications. Do we understand enough about the world wide web? To what degree does it control us, or to what degree do we control it?

So what has that to do with AARTKOM and a blog on technology? Well at AARTKOM we love technology, we love to integrate, to be hands-on, to open new doors to joint synergies and shared ideas. Sometimes its random, sometimes its by coincidence and most of the time we like to think its by design or through planning. One truth of the matter is, that after twelve years of the same website, we had to update it. Our business has changed, its been updated to address growth, going to new markets and fulfilling a refreshed visions.

There are many of the reasons why we decided to code our own web pages. One is to better understand the code, which enables so much technological innovation. Another is do as we preach and to know what we talk about. We are eager to show you how the accumulation of numerous disciplines and eagerness to learning (eg. coding in html/css) opens doors to increased value.

Over the next many months, we will reveal more of what we have done, what we are doing and what we can do. It will take some time, we will make mistakes along the way. We will learn many new lessons and we will improve. Most importantly though, we will apply what we have learned also in the other facets of our business, so that we can better serve and consult you.

Author: Marek Hencl

Managing Director of AARTKOM s.r.o.